Striper Tournament
Rockfish Tournament Virginia Beach
For More Information Call: 757.496.7000
Calcutta – Prizes – Giveaways – BLOWOUT PARTY!

We’re Celebrating the Holidays in Virginia Beach, December 26-30, at the Marina Shores Marina. Bring your Family for all the fun in Virginia Beach and sign up for the Million Dollar Rockfish Challenge tournament. There is a $1 million dollar fish swimming in the Bay! Be the one to break the State record and win $250,000 OR BREAK THE WORLD RECORD TO WIN $1,000,000!  Don't regret not registering for the tournament on these days and catching that million dollar fish. Reserve your spot NOW


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Long Bay Pointe Marina
Perfect for boats over 40'
Call 757.496.7000 for details
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 Rockfish Tournament
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